Being Loud in a Quiet World

Who Says Silence is Golden?

Child yelling into microphone

I AM LOUD, or at least that is what people say. Can you relate? Or do you know a “Loud” person? When I am out at dinner, there are always those looks from the other tables. You know that look, in fact, you may have given it to me.

In the office, there is even a code word used to tell me when I am too loud, Meatloaf.

Don’t ask.

So how did I get this way? What a silly question. I didn’t get this way. I don’t try to be loud I just am. People act like it’s a disease. Well James, yes he is trying to be quiet. What are we living in a library?

People are alway shushing, hushing, giving me the finger, well not that one, the one that says be quiet, please. They somehow seem to think that being quiet is the norm that silence is golden. I ask says who?

“Yes, this is my regular voice, no I’m not upset, yes I am calm.” If I had a dollar for every time, I have been asked to keep it down I would be Warren Buffet. Just because my laugh can be heard on a clear night in Canada, I live in Cincinnati, does not mean there is something wrong with me.

So for all you noisy, boisterous, “obnoxious”, loud people. Let’s change the norm and be LOUD!

Disclaimer: While there is some truth in my rant it was meant to be funny. I do try to be sensitive to those around me who aren’t as loud. And yes there are times that even I am quiet and reflective but when I am not it is not on purpose, it’s just how God made me

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