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We’ve all been there men, on that road with unfamiliar scenery whipping past the window. Wait, was it the last crossroad or the next. All the while the missus is sitting beside you, the look on her face saying, “Are you just going to stop and ask directions?” Of course not. I’m the captain of this ship.

I must say since the advent of the smartphone I haven’t had this happen quite as often. However, I want today to talk about the directions of life. As the captain of our family, we often don’t want to admit we are on the wrong road. We believe that if we don’t show supreme confidence in our decisions that we run the risk of seeming weak.

More and more I realize that the opposite of this is true. When I take the time to include my wife, especially in the life-altering decisions, that she is even more apt to see me as a capable, qualified leader. And more often than not I can come to a better decision.

I am a big fan of personality tests and one of those tests called the DISC (stands for Decision, Influence, Steady, Compliance) shows me to be at the highest level in the Decision category. I don’t shy away from making decisions, making them rapidly, and not looking back. While this is one of my innate abilities, when I exercise it without input from the missus, it is not as good of a decision as when I do.

Take our kids. Generally, I am the disciplinarian. A role I take seriously. I want my children to obey and honor my wife and me. While this is a Godly desire, when I go out on my own in establishing the boundaries, or enacting the consequences I have the tendency to do so too harshly. When I include my wife in the process, the balance is usually struck.

God put us together. He put us together to be two parts of a whole. I also believe God gave my wife a natural instinct, let’s call it spider-sense, that counteracts some of my poor choices. Dave Ramsey in his book Entreleadership calls it the spouse decision-making principal and bases it off of the virtuous wife in Proverbs 31. He makes sure in all of his major business decisions to include his wife and has seen the benefits.

Husbands, I know we want to be in charge, I know we want to be strong and confident, but when you forsake the counsel of your wife you ultimately are showing yourself to be neither. Allowing yourself to use something God has given you to steer the ship of your family is the wisest decision you can make.

So the next time you have a big decision, or even in the small ones when she speaks up and says, “But hun?”, maybe it’s time to listen?

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