Overwhelmed by Joy

Passing the Father's Baton

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I had recently written a post on the journey my family went through with our oldest son. As he started to near adulthood he openly came out against the principles and teaching that his mother and I had spent most of his life instilling in him. I won’t rehash today, but I wanted to give the conclusion and the update to this hurdle of life.

This past Sunday, as I prepared to turn fort… I can’t even type it; I was so blessed to attend the baptismal service of my once wayward son.
It is hard to put into words the feelings and emotion that came to me that morning. After my conversion to Christ, and my wedding day, it was the greatest day of my life.

We started the service off singing praise to our God; the tears were already flowing. The pastor preached a message on the meaning of baptism I could hardly restrain my enthusiasm. Finally, as my son took the stage in a packed house, my fatherly pride could not be contained. I laughed, I wept, I cheered. That moment of watching my son articulate himself in a public place warmed me in a way that is indescribable.

Later that day when I posted the video on Facebook it was with the following caption, “My son has become a man physically, intellectually, and spiritually.”

It has always been my great fear that my son would follow in my early life’s footsteps. I was not always the man I am today. Anyone who knew me as a young man would hardly recognize me since the work that Christ has done in my heart and my actions. Since then I have been afraid, my son would be drawn to that early version of me, and not the example I have tried to show him since.

For a while it appeared that my son was destined to go out on his own, seeking to learn the hard way as his father before him. Thankfully this is not the case. He has shown in his young life to be already a man who is wise. I’m Defining wisdom as learning from the mistakes of others.

As I look into the eyes of my son, now a man, it makes all of the heartache worth it. As I see him starting a life that one day will be a glorious display for all those around him. Now, to just get through then next six children.

Dad, I tell you this today because I want you to have hope. No matter who you are or where you are in your life there is still time. There is time to change; there is time to start a new at being the leader of your family. It does matter dad, what type of example you are.

Take the time, Dad. Be a model. Show your sons or daughters what a wise man looks like. And remember even if it doesn’t look exactly how you have envisioned. One day you will need to launch that arrow into the world. Do your best to aim straight.

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