Leaving a Legacy

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I am a young father, well maybe more like youngish. While we have seven children ranging from High school to newborn, and I haven’t started to think of myself as a grandfather as we have yet to be blessed with any grandchildren. Maybe I should, however.

I recently was challenged with the idea of I am raising my grandchildren. Say what? You just said you don’t have any grandchildren.

Let me explain.

The lessons that I am teaching my children are the lessons that they will teach their children. While it may seem a novel concept, it does put things in perspective and brings me to awareness. Awareness that each and every action is recorded by the minds of my children and replayed back to their children.

I have already seen this in microcosm with our children. I will hear one of the boys yelling at another maybe even spitting out an ungracious slur. I think oh my those are my words coming out of his mouth. I need to be ever so cautious that my words are reflective of the Holy Spirit.

I recently saw a video where a dad came into the room and was yelling at his child for drawing on the wall. In the next scene, that child repeats his father’s behavior towards his little sister. They replay the first scene again but this time, the dad gently corrects his son, who again repeats his father’s behavior towards his younger sibling. However this time with a much better outcome.

Wow, what a powerful lesson.

The same happens generationally. The more I teach and instill habits into each of my children the more I will undoubtedly imprint those onto my grandchildren. Each time I want to lose my temper, or take a parental shortcut I need to ask God to show me the future. To show me what type of mother or father those decisions will cause to ripple down through the halls of time.

What about you father, what habits good or bad are you preparing for your grandchildren? Are you spurring a love of God’s Word into your kids so that they might teach them to their children? Are you exercising the fruits of the Spirit into your family so that one day your grandchildren will be godly young men and women?

God grant us fathers wisdom, and foresight to look at each action we take to be one that will not just affect the here and now but generation after generation. I pray that we will be mindful of this in everything we do.

Thanks Dad for reading, remember those little eyes are watching you.

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