Daddy’s and Daughters

Being Her White Knight

As a guy, it is often hard to connect with daughters. I don’t play dress up or do tea parties, so the common interests are usually not there. That being said, as a father of three daughters I do believe it is important to spend time with them one on one, to be their White Knight.

In the spring each year, I attend a daddy-daughter dance with my girls. It is an excellent time to take them out on the town and have fun. It has a dual purpose in my mind however as I am modeling for them what a future date should look like. We dress up. I take them out to dinner. I open the doors and put on their coats. I talk to them about them. You know all the things we want for them out of a potential suitor.

This past year my eldest daughter and I attended this wonderful event and were able to win the dance contest. James and EliyahIn doing so, they awarded us another date night. It included a dinner and tickets to our local playhouse. Very cool. It afforded my daughter and me a day of exploring the city, taking cool pictures, great conversation, and entertainment.

Again this allowed me to model for my daughter the way she needs to be treated by someone who wants to spend time with her. Being interested in her, listening to her, talking about her dreams and desires.

Too many young girls think that they need to be the pursuer. They crave attention and therefore are willing to chase after it. James and KhylieTaking my daughters on these dates allows them to see they don’t need to chase after boys. That they should allow themselves to be pursued, but not as a trophy or a conquest. I want my daughters only to be attracted to someone who will value them. By taking them out, and showing them how a good date should be, I am trying to set them up for success whenever it is the real thing.

The adage is true practice makes perfect, and if your daughters don’t get to practice this skill now, then there is potential for them to think dating or courtship are something else entirely.

In our culture, our daughters are constantly being “shown” what relationships are. Television, movies, social media, all give commentary on what they should expect. Dad, if you don’t show them, someone else will.

Have you made that dinner reservation yet?

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