A Tale of Two Mothers

Happy Mother's Day

mothers day flower bouquet

When I was a small boy my mother, father and I moved onto a piece of land shared by my grandparents. There were two houses divided by a small yard. As early as four or five years old I would in the middle of the night sneak over to my grandparents’ and crawl in bed with them. My grandfather would complain about my cold feet but my grandmother never let him kick me out, and that started a bond that I still have with her to this day.

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I Want to Change the World

The Beginnings of Oppermania

Oppermania Logo

I want to change the world. Well, at least, my world. Our family is embarking on a new opportunity and adventure. For years, I have been involved with technology. However, up until now, I have been involved with technology primarily as a job.

Our family has now decided to allow God to move us in a new direction and apply my years of technology in the digital space into a vocation we like to call Oppermania (but we’ll come back to that).

One year ago, after reading Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love, I had a vision. I was inspired by what Dan called a “vocation.” This concept of vocation as Dan puts it is your “calling”. Not just what you do for a living but the foundation of everything you do. If you haven’t read this book, I would highly recommend it. Without giving too much away, let me sum up.

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