theOppermanian 006: Father and Son, Talking with the Eldest Opperminion

theOppermanian 005: Father and Son, Talking with the Eldest Opperminion

On this episode of theOppermanian Show, I sit down with the eldest member of the Opperminions, Zion. As a dad who has tried to be an example to all of the Opperminions, I am so blown away with who this young man has become.

In this episode, we examine some of the Zion’s background and what it meant to grow up in Oppermania. We share some of our most humorous stories of Zions young life, and I give him an opportunity to let me know how I may or may not have always been the best dad.

We wrap up with what it meant for him to grow up as a homeschooled, part of a large family. Some of the pros and cons associated with that and finally what does his future hold.

Dad, I hope that there are nuggets of wisdom for you as you are seeking to lead your tribe well.


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2 thoughts on “theOppermanian 006: Father and Son, Talking with the Eldest Opperminion

  1. Ok, you two talk wayyyyyyy to fast!!! Zion, talks exactly like you James! Lol…
    Enjoy listening! Shenanigans indeed! Shades of Timothy….
    Also, not just Dads listening…. ( ;

    • Yeah, my mother used to call it “Jive Talkin” and blamed my dad 🙂 It is really neat seeing mom and dad in the kids. Circle of Life”, right?