theOppermanian 005: Talking about Oppermania with theOppermom

theOppermanian 005: Talking about Oppermania with theOppermom

This week we are connecting with theOppermom about Oppermania and where we are as husband and wife.We cover several different topics this week including the challenges and successes of launching a family based internet media company.

My wife and I have long been in business together, but this new endeavor has stretched our family for the good. We talk about some of the members of Oppermania and our desires and goals for theOpperminions.

We also discuss the idea of living forward and why it is important to budget your time as well as your money.

Finally, we get a woman’s perspective on my idea of being your daughters crash test dummy when it comes to the wild world of young love. Be sure to let your wife know about for more insight into all things mothering.

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