theOppermanian 004: Talking with a Young Husband about Marriage

theOppermanian 004: Talking with a Young Husband about Marriage

If you are thinking of becoming or have recently become married, this episode is for you. I talk with a young husband who is almost at the one year mark about some of the challenges and triumphs he has found in this first year.

After spending 32 years as a single Jared took the plunge into marriage. If you have been married for a while, especially if you got married young you can imagine all the challenges of becoming one with someone else after spending so many years “on an island.”

Jared talks about what kept him single for so long, the dating and engagement process, and finally a few of the gotchas that we all faced going from being an army of one to cohabitation.

Husband, I hope you enjoy this conversation with Jared.

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