theOppermanian 002: Raising Your Grandchildren

theOppermanian 002: Raising Your Grandchildren

Dad this week’s theOppermanian Show looks at what it means to raise our children’s children.

Have you ever stopped to think about it, dad? How the things you are teaching your children whether on purpose or by accident are what your children will teach your grandkids? I talk about the great joy and responsibility of living out our lives before eyes and hearts that will pass those lessons on.

I talk about our daughter, KreeperQuinn, and some life lessons that she was able to take away this week. Both in conquering her fears, as well as seeing my wife and I modeling a loving marriage.

Also here is a link to the episode of theOppermom Show where she discusses each of our seven children and their individual personalities and challenges those bring.

Dad, I know you like all of us have those moments where you want to checkout.


Do the next right thing because your actions will leave a legacy from generation to generation. Either for good or bad.

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