theOppermanian 001: What Qualifies theOppermanian to Be a Leader?

theOppermanian 001: What Qualifies theOppermanian to Be a Leader?

What makes a man a leader? I once thought a leader was someone who has it all together. Someone who has all the answers. This definition was so wrong.

I have learned, through the trials of life, that a leader is someone who simply understands who is further along the desired path that they want to travel, and is humble enough to follow. So they can, in turn, be followed.

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Today I talk about what qualifies me to be a leader. To be a leader, of my wife, my children, and hopefully you, Father. I don’t know everything, in fact quite the opposite, but I do believe there are men out there that are not yet where I am.

Just as I am not yet to the place other men are. I want to help those who are little further back to see where those ahead of me are going.(1 Corinthians 11:1)

I speak candidly on this show about what I have also shared in a recent blog post. My naivete in raising my children was if they just were taught the things I was not as a child they would be alright. Boy, was I wrong. As my wife and I have learned all you can do is teach, as the adage states, “You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

So today I speak a little about my approach to leadership and why I hope this show can be a guiding light to you, Dad, as you seek to lead your tribe.

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